Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kinds of ministry subjects do you all cover?

We discuss many different subjects based on a theme for the year!  That theme is broken down into 3 different sub themes to help keep our boot camps focused.  So far we have covered several topics such as “Worship, Order & Workmanship”, “Even Me: The Crib, The Cross and The Crown” and many other subjects to help our young people understand their role & value in the Kingdom and as leaders in and out of the church.

2. Who are the instructors and how are they selected?

The instructors are solid instructors in each Fine Arts area. They each practice their artistic skills regularly and some even have their own ministries in which they further their artistic skills.  The instructors that teach in the ministry classes are solid ministers & youth leaders who serve throughout the city.  Many are pastors, others work with youth as their occupations or as a portion of their ministries in their own church houses.

3. When is the registration period?

The registration period for the year is held from January 1st through January 15th.  After the 15th, registration is closed for the remainder of the year and opens up for the next season in the following year.  You cannot register at the door the day of the boot camp.

4. Can I come to the boot camp and participate with my child(ren)/youth ministry?

While you can be in the building, you cannot sit in the classes with your youth.  We really want our students to be able to be open and fully express themselves without feeling shy or as if they need to hold themselves back.  We have a lot to offer in each of these classes and we want our students to be able to get the full experience!  There have been talks of having a boot camp just for the parents **shhh*** 

5. How do the students interact with each other?

During the ministry classes, we have broken the students up into 3 age groups so that they are with other students their age and can get the ministry material in ways that they can relate for their age groups.  For the Fine Arts classes, some classes are broken out by age (like Dance) while others are a “one for all” class where they are altogether (like Voice). We have seen over the course of our previous boot camps that our students really gravitate to one another.  They are able to interact with youth from all over the city and even the county and different counties.  A true family is established by the end of the year.

6. Is there a benefit to making the FABC season year long instead of separate boot camps?

Absolutely! Having the FABC season set up as a year long program verses individual boot camps allows us to foster an environment for growth.  We as the instructors are able to ensure we can see growth in our students.  We are also able to expound more deeply in our discussions without continuously reviewing and starting over with a fresh group of students.  One of the bigger benefits is that it fosters relationships among our students and staff!  Our students are able to connect with each other to support each other in and out of Yahweh RYSE and to be encouraged to know that as they aspire to go higher, there is another right there along the same line with the same goal in mind.  This allows us to become not only mentors but family to one another as we seek to make what has been adopted by Yahweh RYSE as as a “generational turn”.

7.  How do I prepare my youth for the boot camp?

Dress them comfortably!  Depending on the major and minor selected, different attire may be needed (such as dance attire for the dance students).  Not to mention, this is a hands on experience and we want them to participate uninhibited!  We also feed them while we are together!  We do suggest that they have a meal/snack prior to being with us as we engage in ministry activities first before we all eat.

8.  Rumor has it that you take cell phones away from the students?

Aaaaaaabsolutely!  If it is necessary, we do take them away so that our students can focus on what is going on at hand with little to no distractions!  Some activities may require them to use their phones or other means of technology, but aside from that we are firm believers in being focused on the task at hand and having full engagement of all students and staff!