Yahweh RYSE offers a Fine Arts Boot Camp, whose purpose is to build godly character and leadership skills in youth via fine arts classes and ministry subjects in a one-day “blitz” workshop. Each year has a theme and the four boot camps are connected to one another for continuity. Students engage in classes that focus on specific ministry areas and topics, experience corporate prayer and complete the day with training in a fine arts area of their choice. The end of the FABC season culminates into a final production or project to show the growth of the students.  Students that register are committed to the full year’s program. We meet for a full day experience once a quarter, and for a short check-in once a month.

Fine Arts Classes Offered:

  • Musicianship
    • Drums
    • Horns
  • Voice
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Arts
    • Fashion Design
    • Photography


2019 FABC Season

In 2018 we began a very important topic in our Christian walk – Counter Culture through the story of Daniel!  One of the most important things we need is to know how to walk with Christ in a world that is morally declining and changing at a rapid pace. This year we are continuing that theme but going a little bit deeper – digging into the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The Gospel was not popular at the time it was shared, and it didn’t make sense to those who heard it at first, which is why Jesus strongly encouraged us to have FAITH in it! Join us as we dig into the foundation of what inspires us to live a life that is devoted and surrendered to Jesus Christ!

We will also include a few check-ins in between the sessions (almost monthly) just to ensure we are reaching our students and building a true relationship with them.

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