Yahweh RYSE’s mission through the “Christ Kids” is to raise and encourage the next generations to strive for a relationship with Christ.  It’s our desire to see the next generation do the “what’s” of the church with a full understanding of the “why’s” and unto “Whom”.  Our goal is not to raise another generation of “church kids”, but a generation of “Christ Kids”.  We will be tapping into lots of different areas of the ‘church kid’ era, hearing from our students as they dig into the 4 gospels, and more!


Tradition [noun]: the transmissions of customs and beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way.

Many of us have adopted the tradition of going to church Sunday after Sunday because it was how we were raised.  Having been involved in such a tradition for so long, how could we ever think to separate from it?  The thought of not continuing it brings a sense of guilt, because we decided to not carry the very activity that has been etched in our minds as a part of life.

As church kids, we were surrounded by many traditions but not much explanation.  Reading and reciting scriptures, singing in choirs, dancing or miming with our peers, was what we learned Christianity to be.  We were told, “make Jesus Lord of your life”, as we make the decision to get baptized in our youth and then we move forward with going to bible studies and other service gatherings.  But what did that really mean to us? How did we really get inspired to get to know the One who saved our lives?  What was it that kept us going on the “straight and narrow” when life introduced itself to us and reality set in? It was our relationship.  Learning more about a love that is immeasurable, never fails and has no ending, was what sustained and transformed us all.

Many of us will be telling our stories of what inspired us to seek our personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Many of us were either PK’s or in the church for the majority of our lives and had our own cross roads to choose between.  Yet we all ended up with the same end goal: Give me Jesus.  Everything we had learned in our younger days from church only made more sense when we fixed our eyes on that relationship.  It was no longer tradition for us, but a service unto Him, as a means of showing our love back to Him.

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