FABC 2016 Season In Review

What an amazing year we have experienced here at Yahweh RYSE’s Fine Arts Boot Camp series! Every meeting has been a growing experience for our students and our staff as we focused on discipleship and understanding how the ministry of Christ was for them as well! In January, we took a look at the birth of Christ and how impactful the coming of the Savior, even as a baby, was to the world.

In April, we had a more demonstrative experience as we looked to understand Jesus and His ministry in different places and ultimately the cross. Each student wore a white t-shirt that was covered in “filth”, to demonstrate a life of sin and to make the message of the power of the Cross tangible for each of them. The students then wrote out their sins on red slips of paper and those were pinned to a cross to show that it had been taken care of. In exchange for their written sins, they were given clean white shirts to demonstrate a fresh start. We took a miracle journey where our students got to take a tour and see theatrical examples of miracles that were performed in the Bible. Our students also walked through a powerful exhibit that showed the story of Jesus from betrayal to resurrection.

In July, we studied the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and challenged our students to understand the power that they have because of the authority Christ has been given and the charge that has been given to them to go and make disciples (Matthew 18). They were challenged through a different rendition of “Follow the Leader” to learn whose voice to listen to and to really consider if the people who are relying on them to show the way can truly trust the example they give and show.

As we wrap up this year, we will artistically drive the point home with an original production entitled “Even Me: The Story of Jesus through the eyes of a Child” to show just how much our students have learned both in ministry and in their Fine Arts studies.

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